A secret party with Katy B

Our task was to capture an exclusive event with 200 spotify invited guests at an undisclosed location in London which was to have an unknown musician perform at. We had 4 FS7 camera's and were directed by the talented Daniel Morgan (who has worked with the likes of Rudimental).

The ventue was Shapes in Hackney, and the Talent was none other then Katy B. The shoot consisted of a few sections with our actors riding in the car and attending the venue, Katy B getting ready and general cut aways of the event and vehicle. We would have liked more shots of Katy getting prepared but time was against us. 

The Final shots of the gig in full swing had all 4 cameras rolling at a mixture of 1080 150fps and 4k 50P to give the editors room to crop etc. The gig was awesome and everyone had a great time!